Lumene Nordic Hydra Overnight Cream 50 ml


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Lumene’s Nordic Hydra Overnight Cream is designed to intensely hydrate and nourish your skin as you sleep. Enriched with prebiotic and postbiotics, the formula takes care to support the natural microbiome – an essential step in maintaining a healthy-looking complexion. Nordic superwaters and Nordic oats seek to reveal smooth, fresh skin, enhanced with a supple look and feel. Suitable for all skin types, the night cream locks in moisture overnight, leaving your skin with a renewed and rejuvenated appearance come morning.

clochee lekki krem nawilżająco-rewitalizujący
, obcięcie na boba
, cien antyperspirant
, olej ze slodkich migdalow
, annabelle minerals podkład rozświetlający